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August 2011



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June 2011

"Doug Graham is that rare triple-threat (with National Touring credits for days), who has enormous depth and the ability to be truly intimate in a cabaret setting.

He's like the calm at the center of a cyclone onstage: so much going on, but at his core, his stillness and inner world powerfully control the whirlwind of music and words around him. His interpretations are not merely expert, they are unique works of art made just for you, while you watch and listen.

A true joy to behold, in every sense of the word. Miss him at your peril."

- Gina Zollman, "Cabaret Reviewer", formerly of "The Beverly Hills Outlook"










  cab scenes

The premise that “all the good songs are written for women” has been visited by male cabaret artists before, but I can’t imagine any putting a more clever spin on it than Doug Graham and Charles Herrera. With tongues often planted firmly in cheek (admittedly, hard to pull off when singing as skillfully as they did), these two appealing performers dazzled with a sparkling hour of feminine fun with a decidedly male spin.

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Banish immediately all thoughts of that guy at the piano bar who just has to sing the definitive version of “I Dreamed a Dream” after a healthy dose of Dutch courage. Invoking Streisand, Summer, Fabares, Carr, Eder, Garland, Vaughan and more, these gents covered a broad range of styles. In the process, they showed that good music is pretty much genderless and they had a grand time of it.

Medleys and duets formed the heart of the evening, enhanced by spot-on harmonies of Graham’s lilting tenor and Herrera’s darker and richer lyric bari-tenor. They set the tone of the evening with a whimsical medley of  “The Patty Duke Show Theme Song,” “Sisters” and “Bosom Buddies.”  Later, they navigated through a crafty “rival medley” – think Linda Evans and Joan Collins, poolside – with Graham preening into a mirror (“Gorgeous”) and Herrera proclaiming “Soy Hermosa” (“I Feel Pretty). They turned left at “Stepsisters’ Lament” and then revved the motors for an impassioned “A Boy Like That”/“I Have a Love.”

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A duet of “Enough Is Enough” (“No More Tears”) had us howling as the two did their best to nail the specific disco riffs of Streisand and Summer, and a final duet of “I Will Never Leave You” (Sideshow) was sincerely felt and rapturously sung.

Outstanding solos included Graham’s tender “Till There Was You” and “Dance Ten/Looks Three,” which paid tribute to his time touring with A Chorus Line and allowed him to showcase his amazing flexibility as a dancer (standing side split, no less). Herrera was pitch-perfect and found just the right degree of pathos on his medley of “It Must Be Him”/”One Less Bell to Answer.”  His lovely vibrato lent itself beautifully to “As Long As He Needs Me,” and his wounded lion pacing the stage on “Cry Me a River” showed utter commitment to his intentions.

A few opening night jitters aside, this was one of the most entertaining cabaret shows this season and it showcased outstanding local talent. Briskly directed by Larry Lazzaro, wittily choreographed by Graham, and with rock-solid support from Music Director Paul Cracchiolo, this fun evening deserves wider viewing.

Jerome Elliott
Cabaret Scenes
July 10, 2010

  cap cod time "Review of "CATS"
First National Tour
Cape Cod Times, September 19, 1987
"Rum Tum Tugger was played by Doug Graham, also featured in "A Chorus Line", and Bob Fosse's "Dancin'" - this cat steals the show.
Sassy, arrogant, funny, sexy and brash but with just a hint of vulnerability that makes him so lovable, Graham creates a role around which the rest of the show pivots. And that's quite a feat in an ensemble production in which no one is a star."

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March 2009

Doug Graham is an exemplary teacher and choreographer. I am thrilled to have him return to my studio time and again!

Having once been a student of his, I can personally say that he inspires us as dancers to be the best we can be, he teaches with a dedication and passion that he passes on to all in his classes. Many years ago, through a workshop I took with him, Doug single-handedly inspired me to try my wings as a performer, something I had always considered a hobby rather than a career goal. Thanks to Doug, I traveled the world performing and even met my husband on a cruise ship!

Now, as a studio owner, I have been honored to have Doug pass that same passion on to my students, through classes in musical theatre dance, voice, and the art of "the business." Doug's experience is fantastic, and he brings my dancers choreography in major styles that they need to learn to be competitive in the world of dance. He 
addresses every level of dancer/performer in his classes with appropriate choreography that he can break down so that even my youngest participant can feel successful, while still challenging the older students. Kids walk out of class soaking wet and smiling!!  
This year, we are looking forward to two solid weeks of Doug's Broadway Boot Camp, and my students can't wait!!!

Thank you Doug for all you have done for me personally, as well as what you continue to do for all those you teach along your way. You are truly an inspiration, and a role model for all of us with aspirations in "the biz."
Tracy Friswell-Jacobs, owner/teacher Del Arts Conservatory



September 2008

Dear Doug,

I just wanted to thank you ever so much. I have been so grateful to have you come by and teach when you can. Your Theatre and Jazz classes really give me the workout I want from a dance class. Getting true Fosse style over these years is such a bonus! I had such a great time in Middletown and Jenner’s Pond - the shows went wonderfully. Thank you so very much for the performance opportunities you have presented to me.

Love, Tiffany

August 2008


Victoria (my daughter) loved the Master classes you taught this past summer at Delaware Arts Conservatory. It was a much different style then she is used to. You made the class fun, interesting and challenging. Victoria cannot wait till you come back to teach again. She said even though there were children and adults of varying levels you taught it so everyone was able to enjoy themselves. I am even going to take the class myself next summer. So....can't wait to see you then!

Kim and Victoria Womer



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April 1, 2007

Dear Mr. Douglas Graham,

On behalf of everyone at The Hartt School Community Division Dance Department, I want to thank you for all of your time, energy and talent you so generously offered us during your most recent visit to Hartford, Connecticut.

Your day of Master Classes offered to both youth and adults were a tremendous success! We have received nothing but enthusiastic and positive feedback. You are wonderful teacher, and your past experiences offer insight into the professional world of dance, which is invaluable to today's students.

I look forward to working with you again in the future. I hope you return to Hartford soon!

Best regards,
Tracy Flater - Director
Off Campus Programs and Facilities

The Hartt School Community Division